Welcome. I’ve been waiting for you.

Welcome to TheraChi Healing!  I am so grateful that you have found this page.  Trust that if you are reading this, you were meant to be here right now.  We will talk a little bit about me in another post, who I am and how I got to this place myself, but for the moment, let’s take a moment to notice why you are here.

Maybe you are feeling unsettled, as if things aren’t working out exactly how you would like.  Maybe you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your life.  Whatever the reason, you were brought to this place as a way to promote healing within yourself and maybe even to share it with others.  Not so sure?

Maybe you are thinking that you landed here by chance.  Perhaps it was accidental.  Maybe someone sent you here or you followed a couple of links searching for a recipe or the newest hip yoga outfit. 

Truth is, there are no accidents in life.  So take a moment and then a deep breath…in through your nose and out through your mouth….and ask yourself, “Why did I land on a blog that promotes energy healing?  And, how can I benefit from being here?”

Stay tuned my friend.  Because this site will feed your soul with the newest and grooviest insights and information on how to promote healing in your life.   Worried that it might be to WOO WOO for you?  Nah…It is exactly what you need.  I’ve been waiting for you and I am so happy that you are finally here!


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